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All Bugs/Problems in Server 5

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  • All Bugs/Problems in Server 5

    All the problems in server 5 to my knowledge.
    1. After getting the first recharge and opening "melody demon" i dont get the bonus from the messengers combo ( the main character 2500Phy/Mag.atk)but i see it as listed / actived, when i look right on total attributes they are shown there as added but when i go to character my Phy.atk stays the same before and after the recharge and opening of the package and i did refresh every time (recharge>refresh>open>refresh>use>refresh and bug) i asked around and i'm not the only 1 with this problem.

    2. [Side]Task: i'm at the quest (Finish Daily Must 20 Times) ive been on that quest for over 3 days, i got no idea why its bug like that but i've asked around and some people are bug like me can't complete it.

    3. Guild skills, they cost too much to upgrade to next level .. there is no option to upgrade skills 1 by 1 and do upgrade them all it costs 6,975,459 guild contribution and that is for 4lvl guild.

    4. Treasure hunt, game ends 30 sec early (depends on every player) when i go on treasure hunt time starts on 270 some times 275 or 265 and it allways ends when there is 10-20-30 sec left (ive asked around and i'm not the only one), 1more thing a visual bug (it may be only me) sometimes when people play treasure hunt they dont see each other when on the same place (its bad when u try to coordinate[ people go different places and farm for more silver]) ive seen it alot .. player walks to a chest and before he clicks on it, the chests opens on its own and other player gets the count... ive been in few game when the other player follows me (cant see me) or chets are opened when i'm about to click and there is no one around me..
    +ive noticed some people start at different points for no reason .. personally i always start on 1 and the same position but some times when i start i see nobody then i rush to the next area and i see the player coming from below the area.

    5. Problems in the loading ,, 1 or 2 of events wants us to refresh/relog or we wont enter ,, and sometimes (30% chance) when u refresh/login game doesnt load proparly and after u login and click/enter a fight or event or different place the flash player crashes or shockwave and this is not for events i'm talking over the whole day time ,, every time i refresh i can crash when i log in and load .. normally i don't mind it but on events or when i try to enter arena / space battle /etc, game crashes and thats after i relogged /refreshed (ive seen alot people crash cuz of this i normally refresh and check by going into tavern for something wrong .. if its wrong it will crash and i'll have to refresh again and thats before the event or activity starts).

    6. Arena, maybe its just me but here is what i know .. after the day has past and i'm trying to claim the reward i open arena menu and i cant claim it, for me to get the reward i have to click on challenge (enter arena) and get it from the top left corner thats the only way i can..
    Bug challenging, i'm on top 5 place so i can attack people who are behind me. sometimes i attack people behind me and after 10 min i attack the same pearson witch is on the same position and it does not attack .. i can see the animation goes on and off but i wont enter in combat with him and no he is still on the same stop if some 1 attacked and he lost his stop the system would say .. maybe i only get bug like that but i dont mind it just bringing it to your attention.
    + the massage that reports who attacked u who u attacked is broken i have fights that i havent done (they didnt attack aither) and fights from days mixed in with the new ones .. i go in arena and fight then open massage to see and i cant find the fight or some 1 attacks me and for me to see details i have to go and see all the massages 1 by 1 its really mixed.

    7. Censoring system. i get that its put for a reason not to offend people and stuff like that but ive noticed when 2 people are chatting each time they reply to one another there is like 1 or more censored words leaving them curious what he ment and when he replies some words are censored again .. it was fun watching them chat ... but i bet if that system was applied here in this topic there would be like 10-30 censored places .. no joke .

    (I know the server is beta..i'm just reporting.)
    Over all those are all the stuff that are coming to mind right now but i bet i've missed a few..
    I really like the game and i would love people enjoying himself playing it and having fun.
    Sorry for my bad english/grammar it's not my first language..

    Thanks for your time reading this.

    by Clarrigore.
    Server 5
    - Clarrigore

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    negate #2 pls .. the day ended in server and i did daily task and comated the quest .. but people do told me that they stuck on it like me for 3-4 days.

    update on #4 (treasure hunt) ive noticed something there is nothing to do with time .... there is a certain amount of chests set ..once u hit it its over .. it ends automatically i think that amount is around 90-100 chests .. if your with a player / friends u collect them faster so thats why it ends early .. today i did 1 run fast and game ender 66 sec earlier .. than we did it slow and we ended 20 sec earlier.

    update, Yea and the mail system doesnt work ... i sended mail and after 2 days time the other player still didnt get it.

    update, all events starts 1 hour late than their time example. if world boss starts at 12:00 we have to wait to 13:00 so it starts and its like that for every event.

    update, the refresh task (cooldown) in guild tasks is broken .. it goes to 0 and starts again and i'm still with the same tasks ... it refreshes like 2-3 maybe 4 times a day no matter what the time says when it refreshes.

    update, i dont think suit bonus is added to the hero attributes, when i completed steel 6/6 it says bonus hp5% but it stayed the same .. i relog remove item the same .. put it back on still the same

    by Clarrigore.
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    Server 5
    - Clarrigore


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      #2 I am also stuck on that side quest for quite a while now (3 days) and I have completed the Daily Must tries (10) each of those 3 days and it is still incomplete for me.

      I have noticed that certain punctuations are missing and unable to be used in chat. Making it hard to communicate faster and censored words for no reason at all.

      No way to send or receive messages to players not online at same time as you. No way to communicate with all guild members.

      No way to as far as I can tell to upgrade guild skills.

      Just some of my observations in addition to your own


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        Okay guys thanks for the info ill pass this on
        -Goddess of War GameMaster
        -Head of PGM Recruitment and Management
        -Leader of the In-game Staff Team


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          one more thing, the event of top5 personal bp has just passed and we were supposed to get the reward but there's none. Please do check


          • Jason
            Jason commented
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            We've recorded this problem and soon will be fixed, and the compensation has been sent to your in-game email, please check

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          Thats right we didnt get our reward top 5 personal battle power, what about that?


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Glitch9.jpg
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ID:	432

            Another S5 and S4 issue, Not getting proper sale price on equipment being sold in Quick Sell. Supposed to get 147k, but I'm only receiving 200silver
            Last edited by AryaFurogest; 09-21-2015, 10:48 PM.


            • Jason
              Jason commented
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              Hi there
              We'll check on it, does it happen in S4 and S5 only?

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            I haven't been on any other servers in a while.


            • Jason
              Jason commented
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              Please provide your IGN and serber number, so we could send compensation in your account

          • #9
            Not gonna lie, that picture was my Sever5 account which I no longer play so compensation is not needed. As for my main on S4 I only tested the sale 2 times to verify the problem was in there as well and I'm not worried about the gear I sold. But thank you for the offer.


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              1 week has passed sense the event for the top battle power ,,, yeah we received compensation ,, but the no 1 ever gotten the original rewards from that event =\ only 1 pearson manage to hit 250k power to get that reward and thats all from that event ,,, its been more than a week and still nothing.

              the reason i think event doesnt give rewards is cuz when the day ends in the server and when the server refreshes for the day the time is different =\ like the day ends at 1am server time and old events disappear for the new ,,, but the server reset at 4am and we get space battle / team instance ,, etc. etc. back .. but thats what i think
              Last edited by † ShiniGami †; 09-28-2015, 11:17 AM.
              Server 5
              - Clarrigore


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                plus i noticed that stuff like stats from suit bonus or military rank/title are not added in heroes attributes ,,
                i have checked before and after i got them in attributes and on battlefield (combat),, its still the same as before after i got them

                i'm from server 5
                i'm not sure about the rank attributes for other people ,, have to ask them tomorrow but idk if people would have noticed =\ they need to upgrade it and see for change ,, i'll ask other people
                there are other stuff that are not added in attributes and that people have noticed it and complained about it but they stopped playing solo no 1 cares

                + what is going on with the personal battle rating event ? the top 5 players .. more than a week has passed since the event ended and still haven't gotten the reward.

                Update,, i just chatted with a player that just got the same rank as me ,, and he says nothing was added or increased.. so it is bug
                Last edited by † ShiniGami †; 10-01-2015, 12:30 PM.
                Server 5
                - Clarrigore


                • Jason
                  Jason commented
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                  Hi Clarrigore
                  Whats your Server number again?
                  Are you the only one who didn't get the rank attributes?

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                Just wanted to say that Clarrigore has been very careful investigating how the game works.


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                  Guild defense event is broken ,, win or lose u still get the same price / rewards ,,, i'm #1 in ranks for that event and i get 100k silver and 50k exp for lossing ,,, then on the next day we beat it and on i'm on #1 rank and still 100k silver and 50k exp ,,, for winning =\

                  people say after we kill it and people are teleported back to town ,, boss is still alive on low hp .. but if thats true why did we got reward =\
                  Server 5
                  - Clarrigore


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                    I got some bugs from S5

                    Two times at world boss when i attack last guardian and it get killed i get telported out. When i walk back to the boss it says guardian alive. The last guardian which we just killed is standing there and i have to click it, when i come inside it says guardian dead i get teleported out and its gone.

                    I was doing dailies and i was almost at the gold reward i needed a few more points but it didnt gave a quest which had enough points, so i refreshed it for 10 gold(which i would get back after finisching the daily). After refresh i saw i was on 10/10 quest so i couldnt do any more so.......why can i still press refresh after my dailies are gone?


                    • † ShiniGami †
                      † ShiniGami † commented
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                      when on world boss there are 4 guardians and we need to kill them all to attack the main boss,, we all attack them and kill them as fast as possible.. so as soon as u leave first guardian the second guardian is like on half hp or even less and by the time u join in to fight he is dead so u are teleported.

                      o.O lol .. no comment about that

                      ... i dont know if that can be called bugs but thanks for posting ^.^

                    • Joy1134600
                      Joy1134600 commented
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                      Well you dont understand what i mean. I am present at killing the guardian (both times it was the last 1) after i get killed i get telported out when i get back the sam guardian we just killed is standing there so i have to select it to get teleported out again and then he dissapears( so 2 times i get teleported out of the same guardian while he is killed the first time)

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                    a week and a half has passed and not much has happend about the event for personal battle power top5 =\

                    .. i give up ,, this will be probably my last post unless something major happens

                    bye all

                    btw guild war didnt started ,,= stop working for the whole server 5 no 1 could enter it and no guilds were shown in the list on the event. but what ever ,,, another day in server 5 i guess

                    by Clarrigore
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                    Server 5
                    - Clarrigore