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Equipment Attribute System

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  • Equipment Attribute System

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    Each has six types of equipment which are weapon, helmet, armor, boots, necklace and ring.

    HP: the higher the HP, the longer the hero could stay in battle. Equip armor to enhance HP.

    Physical, magical attack: higher attack means higher damage. Equip weapon to enhance attack.

    Physical, magical defense: higher defense means less damage. Equip helmet and ring to enhance physical defense. Equip boots and necklace to enhance magical defense.

    Crit. and Crit. Damage: Enhance Crit. to increase Crit. rate. Enhance Crit. Damage to increase damage after Crit attack.

    Tenacity and Dodge: enhance tenacity to reduce the chance of Crit. Damage. Enhance Dodge to increase the chance to avoid attack.

    Amp. Damage and Dam. Immune: Enhance Amp. Damage can increase all your damage. Enhance Dam. Immune can reduce damage.
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    okay cool but can u say in what % ? like if u got 1,000 crit how much will that be in % and crit dmg does it mean that if its 1,000 and u crit u will do like x10 more than normal =\
    ty for the info

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      Shinigami I think enemies and heroes are 1:1 on crit chances. Say both you have 500 tenacity and 500 crit.You both have a 1:1 ratio. Say you have 1,000 tentacity and he has 500. Then he will have 50% less of a chance to crit on you. Crit is just attack power (phys or mag attack) plus a flat crit damage minus armor (phys/mag def). So if your crit damage is low don't bother increasing crit chance. or vice versa dont' bother increasing crit damage say you have 900000 crit damage if you only have low crit.


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        okay i get the idea (kind of) and u cant have 900,000 crit damage lol even if your on max lvl with all stuff on max
        and how about the dodge i have like 1360 right now but i can boost it to 2120 and still the same and i know people who have 1800 dodge and in arena i dodge them every 2-3rd attack but when i go high dodge they dodge me same as when i was with low dodge