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  • Camp Battle

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    This event will be held at 19:00~19:30. Players can click on the stamp to start battle.

    System will automatically match the player into a camp. Select a path, and click on “Revive” to start. When your airship runs into the opposite airship, the battle will start.

    If you win the battle, you will keep flying. And once you lose, you need to wait for the CD time. After the CD time, select the path you want to join and revive.

    In Camp Battle, player can use different kinds of function:

    Charge: after use, you will speed up in minutes.
    Support: after use, the strongest player in your camp will come to help you in your next battle.
    Bomb: after use, you will destroy a random airship in the opposite camp.
    Protection: after use, you will be immune to the bomb within a certain period
    Inspire: after use, this will increase your battle power within a certain period
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      Please refrain from those links thanks
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        enjoy this game when a lot of people are on, major down side though you have as one of the prizes a general certificate but i keep getting dedicated certificates instead, now that wouldn't be a problem if it was for a saint i didn't have but seeing now for the last month i have either got a diana or nemesis certificate that really start to pi$$ you off as you can't use them and have to sell them off, so can you do us a favour and start giving the general ones out as per what is on the intro page, so thanks for your time and hope to see this fixed soon


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          I am from Asia so the time of camp battle to me is 5.30 a.m. which is very difficult to manage.Morning times are for prayers and meditation. Can you add another time for Camp Battle and Wild area hunting events to suit Asian players


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            asian time GMT+8


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