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Dragonlord? why is he so tough?

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  • Dragonlord? why is he so tough?

    Any hints or tricks for dragonlord? I managed to beat him on hard I think due to a bug? stun lock or something solo, But yea having a hard time beating him in normal, anybody got hints or tips? I'm currently maxed out on HP so more tenacity? or defense?

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    Save all your main character HP for 1st part of the fight so u can hit him full force on 2nd part, about stats all would do u prolly will need 3lv gems and iron grade armor.



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      Hero skills get them into the high 30's at least (40's ideal), so many people i ask that are having problems seem to have low skill levels (still in the teens or very low 20's), another one i see is that most people don't have enough crit, also don't forget your Einherjars, no good having high level spars if you are still using blue, at a min you need purple, if you take notice spars only multiply your base numbers, Einherjars add to your base, now i could keep going but for now that should get you through, best of luck


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        yeah did same thing, dragonlord 2 on hard my team blew through at racing speeds, on normal, still get my butt kicked, someone please readjust so normal is normal and not hard......and in my earlier days i did do double healers, but alot of the game is rigged for damage output, hit as hard and fast as possible, dual healers are useful on space battle or other long engadgements. I used miss cat and baphamot jr for a time till high enough in level where miss cat could hardly take a hit from normal minions, that is pretty much the hint for time to retire or upgrade, in my opinion at least, still addicted to baphomet jr with the block field trick, very useful as healer tricks go.


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          how do mounts work as i have maxed armoured out but Wolf wont unlock .


          • Joy1107957
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            keep hitting "upgrade star" it will unlock, for me it can take another 1 or 2 turns to unlock the next mount, not so bad with low level mounts, becomes a pain with later mounts as you need more potions per go, eg: right now i'm on Death Horse it takes 5 potions for 1 try at upgrade star and it seems to fail more, on average it costs me around 140 potions per star at this level (or it is for me).

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          Ive got Armored mount to max and War Wolf should now unlock but it it wont.


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            Hello, can you leave me your working time? I got some trouble and sent an email to you guys, but got no respond.