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Can't log in S2

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    Nearly a week now & still not fixed,

    if we have lost our accounts just tell us instead of dragging this out, for me I also play GOW so any compensation for my lost account can be sent there if want,

    ​Now if we do have to start again then how do you plan on compensating everybody, not everybody had equal value accounts, what may seem fine for someone that has no vip & maybe just 100k to 200k BP more than likely wont be ok for someone that was vip8 (9 10) & say 1.5mil to 2mil BP (or above), it is not just the vip or the BP it is the time it takes to get to those levels (the time is the thing we will never get back).

    ​But coming up with something fair for all is not for me to work out & going by current form since this problem started I'm now wondering why I bother writing anything at all here in the first place.


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      Unbelivable! Almost 1 week and still no fix? Whats going on? If S5 wasnt dead till now, now sure is. Its like we write like idiots and no one reads. Incredible!!! And when you think i even paid on this game.
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        So still no word here from "JoyWar" after a week, & apart from a couple of lines on FB & home page at no time have they done the correct thing and told us what is going on in forum, so for me with them not having once answering every ones questions about a major problem like this i think it is now time to call quits on this game and maybe go back to playing "Xbox" or "playstation" for a while again.


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          More than a week now gone & still no fix (or no reply here in forum), so i guess that makes it game over & time to go find something else to play (that will not be run by joywar).


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            Dropped by to see if forum still up, cause sure thing, game isnt! Unbelivable! We got ripped off in this game. 2 weeks and we got a lousy post saying "we working on it." When game went down there were less than 10 active people on server 5. How hard can it be to retrieve those accounts? Wasnt there a back up server or something? Something to roll back to a certain saved point? Suits us for playing a game with ZERO support. I really liked this game, but i guess well never see our characters back.