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PVP Battles & asking for limited times someone can attack you in a day.

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  • PVP Battles & asking for limited times someone can attack you in a day.

    Ok i might be writing this on deaf ears to those that run this game but you need to change PVP so bigger players don't keep on pounding into smaller players and taking their resources making it harder for the smaller players to ever catch up, this has got that bad we have gone from 89 people in our faction playing down to just 5 or 6 now with another 3 to 4 talking about leaving as well, i also know that some other factions have nobody playing at all on our server, so what i'm asking so this doesn't happen is limit it to maybe the 1 or 2 at the most that someone can attack the same player in a day because if you don't do something you will end up having no one playing at all apart from those 1 or 2 at the top.

    Or the other option is instead of taking the resources from other players just give the winner a set prize that does not come from the losing player & effecting them, i know from myself i don't have an issue losing but taking your resources all the time gets old really bloody quick, you also have to remember this is not the only game out there and if you want to keep people here you also have to keep them happy no matter what size their PB is.

    So to finish off i hope you take note other wise you may end up with servers that only have 1 or 2 people remaining on them.

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    not with JoyWar but here's my response.

    Main problem is that attackers do not get to choose who they attack. It's randomly assigned. Having said that, there are number of ways to minimize the effects of PvP.

    First, every time you are attacked you get 6 hours of protection. So the max times you can be attacked is 4 per day.

    However, if you PvP someone else, you break your own protection allowing someone else to attack you again.
    Exception: Revenge attacks (when you counter-attack someone who attacked you) do not break your protection.

    So my advice for you is:
    1) When you login do all your building, spend as many resources as possible
    2) Do all your daily action (missions. merit quests, ...)
    3) Spend all your remaining resources (as much as you can)
    4) Do all your 20 PvP attacks (good exp, some resources, daily prizes not bad as well)
    5) Log out .. you'll probably be attacked 2-3 times while your out but you won't lose so may resources if they are all spent)

    Note that if you limit the number attacks as you suggest, the practical effect will be that high level players can only attack each other, and with protection that means they will only be able to do 5-6 attacks per day.

    Your second idea is better (IMO), just take resources out of the PvP. That way PvP just becomes a ladder game with its own rewards and you can participate or not as you wish.


    PS Would be really nice if someone in the company actually read these forums every day.