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    Overlords of War is a War Game which is easy to play with. For newbies, you only need to follow the novice guide to complete task then you can easily level up. Also, you should keep an eye on the quest column, you’ll receive abundant rewards as soon as you complete all listed tasks. By following novice guide, players can easily learn about all available functionalities in game.

    In the early stage of gaming, there are 2 ways to improve battle power. Firstly, you should build constructions once the terms are met in home base. This can be easily done following the novice guide. The most important constructions would be resources related constructions and barracks too. So you should focus on upgrading resources related constructions first in order to support units’ upgrades at barracks later on. Meanwhile, the level of Civilization Hall is vital which restrains the level cap for all other constructions. Please remember to upgrade it once you can.

    Secondly, challenge at Instances could also help. You could obtain EXP for character and heroes, also items to upgrade units and increase squad size. These could quickly improve your battle power for sure. Also, a 2nd hero “Neith” will be obtained once you pass all stages at Set-off Realm. Once you obtain a second hero, you could activate hero star using hero souls to improve attributes. Also, don't forget to upgrade skills for your deployed heroes.

    At the early stage, lumber and gold will be consumed more often than other resources, so you should firstly upgrade resources related to lumber and gold.

    When you own more than one hero, rally could be very useful. For example, melee hero should be placed in front row, meanwhile range hero should be placed at rear row. At this stage, Secret Shed will be built too, there you can purchase 2 sets of equipment for your heroes. Also, you should remember to challenge at Trial of Heroes once it’s available. There, you can obtain hero souls after successful challenge, which can be used to activate hero star. Collect more to activate more star for heroes.

    We’re at war time, don't ever forget this. So you should always train your soldiers well. At barracks, you can upgrade units’ level and increase squad size. These could greatly improve soldiers’ battle ability at the battlefield.

    Once you reach Lv20, there will be more available events waiting for you. Some events even provide rare items or souls for hero star. There are events for collecting resources too. Don't forget to join them once they are available. Have fun!