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  • Heroes Guidance

    In Overlords of War, heroes are immortals who are sent to this land to help mankind. Higher quality heroes with more deployable slots in Rally mean higher battle power. At the early stage, players can obtain 4 free heroes from novice guide. They are all normal heroes, yet they are still very powerful while facing enemies. You shall upgrade heroes’ level and equipment to increase their battle power.

    At the early stage, players can collect enough Fairy Essence which can be used to upgrade Heroes’ level. Also, don't forget to upgrade heroes’ skills with gold. Speaking of gold, players should also upgrade gold related resources constructions as priority. Gold can also be used to purchase hero equipment at Secret Shed and upgrade Category within for better equipment. (PS: A lot of gold will be consumed in this part, please make sure you have stored enough gold.)

    Besides level and equipment, you should also remember to activate hero star, which only consumes hero souls, not resources. But still, you would have to join Trial of Heroes daily to obtain enough souls for star activation.

    At last but not least, players can activate Stamps for heroes at Sacred Temple which can greatly increase 3 attributes for corresponding hero.

    In the mid-stage, technology will be available which would need Ores to upgrade. Once the Ore Mine is available, you should upgrade ore mine for higher output. Also, gems can be embedded to technology which can increase certain attribute. There are 7 types of gems in total which can be obtained through Faction Shop, Tarot Cards and Mystery Shop at Treasure Maze. Collect as many gems as you can, no matter what kind of gems you have, you can always convert to the gem you actually want.

    At the later stage, once the Stamp at Sacred Temple reaches rank 3, reset will be unlocked for this corresponding stamp. Through reset, stamp might obtain amazing attributes which can greatly increase battle power for the corresponding hero.

    In a word, there are many ways to improve power for heroes, listing as below:
    1. Heroes’ Level
    2. Hero Star
    3. Heroes’ Equipment
    4. Heroes’ Skills
    5. Stamp and Reset at Sacred Temple
    6. Technology Upgrading
    7. Gems at Technology
    Remember those listed above, you’ll build the most powerful troop of your own in no time! Have fun!

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    Ok question about hero level, in "Quest Tower" it mentions that hero's can go to lv80 but for some reason mine are maxing out at lv60, so does something have to level up to get past lv60 or have you guys now changed the game so it wont go any higher, reason I am also asking is one of the guys that has left the game back a couple of weeks ago but started when the server opened has some on lv60 & above so I can't ask him so that is why I am asking you guys.

    ​So with that thanks and hope to get a reply really soon.