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Its a pity :-(

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  • Its a pity :-(

    Hey everyone!

    Im sorry to rob your time with such meaningles anouncement but i will leave the game.

    The reason is the "another pay to win game" feeling and horribly overprized events.
    Let me explain:
    As for the feeling: yeah i feel that this game (as a whole lot others) was only made to rob a few players per servers. You ask how?
    ---> You can buy vips (for a limited time) and a bunch of stuffs which put you on a totally other dimensions of the game where other non payer (or "not as much payers" would be more precize) cant even touch you. Of course if you invest hundreds/tousands of dollars on a regular basis. This is really disgusting. This made the less payers frustrated and make them leave the server to start on another or simply just finish the game. And on the new servers there will be 3-4 permanent payers as well for sure.

    Why they dont make a uniqe game which have a lot of fun (this could be one if you dont get so much advantage if you pay) where players pay for the fun things? For example if you can buy not items which add your power but items for fashionized your ships/character or you can make some cool skins for player islands or there are countless other options. And after that they can make some screenshoot event and reward the top looking islands/ships/char or something like that. I would like to see some effort for what i give money not just a the same old franchise (allow me to not metion at least 10 other game wich has the same basics).
    I know i know. They need to make money for they living but come on. On the wheel you spin a good and you have to recharge if you wanna get it??? On every single spin that result a good drop.... This is insane. And what shut the door in for me this new rank thing (consume rank). Spend 2000 diamond just for enter the rank!!! 200$ in 2 weeks! Thats almost the half of my salary. I know im not payed well and its not siezed for my wallet but in the US, UK or in Asia are there people who have so much surplus money just for a game?? For virtual fame and pixels? I hardly can belive it but as the picture shows its the reality.
    But since the in game progress is depends on the money you invest in it (and in a 1-3% ratio - at most - on skill/strategy/etc) why dont you made a bidding system on the ranks? The one who paid the most will be nr.1 for a week or for 2-5 day and then the next bidding will be held. Its much easier and the outcome is the same.... Ohhh but the players need some illusion? Then:
    1. make some half nude sexy girl
    2. put them all over to the players face
    3. make some well-established, bored-to-death functions
    4. put the whole thing in a well drawed more or less uniqe enviroment
    and that will be enough to make them stay for a while. WHILE you can extrude a lot of money from the servers top 3-5 players. If the player base drops too low just open a new server and wait to flow the money again from the top players from there.
    And of course event, EVent, EVENT. For every day. Where you can get so horrific, so powerful items that the others dont stand a chance against it. So if you wanna keep up and drop in rank you had to buy it.
    Repeat the method untill you wont ashamed...
    Nice recipe, but i wont take it.
    Im really sorry cos i was always be a big fun of pirate themed books, movies, games etc. And this one has a nice atmosphere as well but such "pay, pay, pay for advantages" marketing/point of view made me sick.
    Grats to make a soulless, wallet broking, one-in-a-million pay-to-win game. You made a great work and im sure there will be a bunch of bored kids who can cry out mommy and daddy to buy this and that in game. Oooor some really game nerd who earn 10 times as much as me and cant do anything better with his money. Honestly i pity these guys the most
    ---> if you have so much money go make some fun in RL and use it there not to waste it on some twisted glory/fame and pixels... When the game will close (and it will) what will you have your money? But if you go out and use it to travel, meet new people etc. it could be lifelong experience/friendship.
    But this is only my old fashioned thinking. Im sorry if i hurt someones feelings but i see the things this way and i waas so upset i had to write it here.
    Good bye and have fun (if you have fun for spend money for a game like this ;-) )

    Maive (US1)

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    The same thing happening with GOW. I guess if there's a way to spread the strategy of this company so that no one will ever fall for it again.


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      i guess i should quit as well. good luck to atom of s1. guy has so much money