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I didn't even think it would be interesting.

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  • I didn't even think it would be interesting.

    I didn't even think it would be interesting. As we already knew, of course that there are bookies and people betting, but most didn't, as didn't even understand how it all works. And there was no one to ask how to make bets successfully. Now, when we have the Internet and you can read that as a Yes. The of course became much easier. Read how to bet, learned about the bookmaker . And now, already two months of successful play. Made for all the time about 50 bets. Of these, 40 are successful. And this is a very good result. How are you? Do you know how to bet?

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    I wonder why you did not think that making sports bets is exciting? By the way, not only fascinating but also income-generating for skillful people. My neighbor constantly makes sports bets and does not work anywhere else. So he lives better than us. Says the head does not have to have shoulders and most importantly be able to use it correctly.


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      Can I get an answer from you to what kind of sports you make such successful bets? Bettors like fishermen like to lie a little and it seems to me that this is exactly what you did in this topic. I can make about five bets on hockey in a month and maybe two or three of them can win. In this case, I consider myself an experienced player. And where did you learn such accurate prediction? Did you find information on the Internet or did your friends teach? I would like to hear more details.


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        Maybe you will tell a little more about your bets. What sports do you do them so that you win? I also want to bet, but for now I'm afraid to lose. An experienced better advised me to collect and analyze all the information about the sport I would like to bet on. And it needs to be done for several hours a day. Should grow interest in watching sports events. It is also important not to replace sober calculation with strong emotions. The main thing that you need to put on a team about which you know almost everything. More in betting there are a lot of pitfalls you need to know about.


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          Well, the girls decided, and I try my hand at sports betting. The truth is not sure of a quick victory, but my desire to win is complete. So if fortune smiles at me then I'll be lucky. The truth is not decided where to start with football or tennis in these sports, I basically know a lot. Well, okay along the way, everything will be decided. So wish me luck))