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Construction Introduction

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  • Construction Introduction

    In War Conquest 1941, there are more than 10 constructions for home base:
    Headquarters, Troop Camp, Barracks,
    Tactics Center, Research Center, Training Center,
    Processing Factory, Arsenal,Resources Vault,
    Gold Vault, Mine Factory, Steel Mill,and Fuel Depot.

    Headquarters is the central construction of the base. Upgrade the headquarters to build and upgrade other constructions.
    Besides, the headquarterscan provide bonus attributes to your base.

    Barracks is where units can be trained and produced. Upgrade the barracks to unlock more units.
    By clicking the exclamation on the upper right corner of each unit to find out more information.

    [Tactics Center]
    Tactics Center is a supporting construction in base. Upgrade tactics center to unlock and upgrade tactics.

    [Research Center]
    Research Center is asupporting construction in base,
    where players can upgrade resources related technologiesto increase Max Output and efficiency;
    in the meantime, players can also upgrade battle related technologies to increase attributes for units and armored vehicles.

    [Training Center]
    Players can upgrade units in Training Center. Upgrade the training center to increase the available level cap for units.

    [Reform Center]
    In Reform Center, players can check or change the equipped parts, and upgrade the parts byconsuming lower level and quality parts. Higher level Parts have more bonus attributes.

    [Troop Camp]
    Troop Camp is the assemble zone for units in base. By clicking Troop Camp, players can check the detailed information about the units within. Upgrade Troop Camp to increase troop size.

    [Resources Vault]
    A vault where can store more resources, upgrade to decrease lost resources under assault.
    Can forge, fortify and polish equipment.

    [Processing Factory]
    Can produce materials for forging

    Resources are the foundation of the base development. Upgrading resource constructions to produce more resources.

    [Gold Vault]
    Gold Vault is the main source of gold production. Gold can be used to train infantries and produce armored vehicles,
    also it can be used to upgrade tactics and technologies at Tactics Center and Research Center.

    [Mine Factory]
    Mine Factory is the main source of ore, which can be used to build and upgrade constructions.

    [Steel Mill]
    Steel Mill is the main source of steel, which can be used to build and upgrade constructions and produce medals.

    [Fuel Depot]
    Fuel Depot is the main source of fuel, which can be used to train infantries and produce tanks and artillery.
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