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Guidance for Fight Till Last Man Stands

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  • Guidance for Fight Till Last Man Stands

    “Fight Till Last Man Stands” is a brand new function in War Conquest 1941.
    Players can select elite troops as vanguard to defend enemies’ attacks.
    Now, let me introduce more for you.

    Each player can have one free chance in “Fight Till Last Man Stands” daily.
    To obtain more challenge chances may require certain diamonds,
    so take the free chance and make the best of it! What’s special about the function?
    Players may choose any elite units to form their troops and will receive abundant rewards (including diamonds) from this event.
    I do suggest you to try as soon as it’s available.

    Before the campaign starts, players will have to choose three elite troops as defensive units.
    Remember to take the enemies’ formation into consideration before you arrange your own!
    If you prefer a more defensive tactics,
    you should arrange tanks with high HP in the front to take the hit and arrange some long-range artilleries with high DMG to destroy enemies,
    but also don’t forget to deploy the Pillbox.

    In “Fight Till Last Man Stands”, there are three kinds of pillbox available for defense:
    MG Pillbox, Tank Bunker and Fortress cannon.
    Please arrange and set your pillbox before the battle starts.
    Once started, you won’t be able to move it.
    Pillbox can also deal high damage to enemies within range, and more importantly,
    you can upgrade it to make it a very important force of your troop.

    Upgrading pillbox requires certain amount of Gunpowder and Sand,
    which can only be obtained from “Fight Till Last Man Stands” at present.

    When the battle starts, players can adjust the formation of troops. Please don’t forget to make full use of the tactics to minimize your battle loss!

    The headquarters will send reinforcements to the frontline after every successful defense,
    which means that players can obtain a new squad of elite troops with each victory,
    so arrange your troops wisely, hold your ground and defeat more enemies!

    In addition, the more waves of enemies you defeat, the better rewards you'll get!